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My Midna canvas print is now available on Etsy! 

11x14in Canvas print (1.5in deep).

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Game Bestiary Skull Triptych is up for purchase!

They are each 12x12in Canvas Prints (1.5in deep).

All three for $200, or $80 each.


Skull of Pikachutona Minor

Skull of Koopadra Rex

Skull of Chocobo Camelus


277: Serval Cat


277: Serval Cat

acedrgn asked

I'm sure you've been asked already, but how do you feel about all the drama going on right now about Zoe Quinn?


You want me to walk into a minefield? OK. Let’s try to keep this short.

There are numerous angles to what’s unfolded over the last few days, and I’m not going to address all of them. Please keep that in mind here.

This has turned into TMZ. For just about all of this, it’s not our business.

There’s no excuse for the extreme harassment and abuse in the last few days. No one deserves to have nude pictures of themselves distributed all over the Internet without their consent. No one deserves to have their address blasted on social networks as a veiled threat. No one.

There is no excuse. None, nada.

Some people see a conspiracy. Others see common human decency.

What we have is an ugly corner of the gaming community exploiting an opportunity to tear into a situation with the flimsiest of justifications. The idea that such abuse is warranted because of concerns over the “ethics of games journalism” cannot be taken seriously by people who utter “whore,” “cunt,” “faggot,” and other words in the same sentence. A quick perusal of “zoe quinn” on Twitter will find you plenty of these people.

A response to that line of criticism might be “yeah, but…

There is a universe where a blog was written specifically to raise ethical concerns about personal relationships between the games press, and not a character assassination meant to tear a person’s life apart.

We do not live in that world. Do not try to pretend that’s what this about.


Disclosure is important. Kotaku editor Stephen Totilo addressed this specifically on Twitter, given his reporter and publication are in question:

Nathan Grayson never wrote a review of Depression Quest for Kotaku. He did write about the indie game jam that went to pieces, which happened to involve Zoe Quinn. Numerous publications also wrote about the same incident, and nothing in Grayson’s write up is particularly different from what you would find elsewhere. On Rock Paper Shotgun, Grayson mentioned Depression Quest in a writeup about 49 other video games that were recently greenlit on Steam. Another mention of Depression Quest was published on RPS written by Adam Smith. You can verify this through the Depression Quest tag.

Yes, disclosure is important. Yes, we should be aware if the press has engaged in a personal relationship with a developer. But nothing justifies what’s transpired since. People have hijacked this for madness.

Cliche but true: some just want to watch the world burn.

Given I’ve spent the last few days trying to ignore folks accusing me of cheating on my wife, you’ll excuse me if I’m over talking about this now.

This is the last I’ll say on this topic. No other questions will be answered.

If anyone’s following the recent dramabomb that’s hit the gaming “community”


Smash Bros Ladies

by Adam Vian

Soo I am into drawing and digital art but am not as good as you are! I admire your work , follow for follow? Maybe you could tell me something about prints/ graphic making? Your arts very unique btw:)

Thank you! Please feel free to ask me anything and I’ll try my best to answer! What did you want to know about prints?


James Jean [site | tumblr]

One of my inspirations. 

(via illustration-cf)


Really great drawing reference, very well explained. 


Eyes, nose, mouth, head, hands, ears and folds reference drawing tutorials.

I realize something. I need to do more creature/monster drawings. Inspired heavily by Anthony Jones.

I realize something. I need to do more creature/monster drawings. Inspired heavily by Anthony Jones.

20min portrait study. 

20min portrait study.